Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Oversized Denim Jacket : Took it from my dad's wardrobe. Don't tell. Also can't tell what brand it is because the tag is ripped off. Sorry!
Homies Oversized Sweater : Originally €64 - Urban Outfitters
Metallic Chain Necklace : It was a gift 
Grey Washed-Out looking Pants : Originally €100 - Tommy Hilfiger
Ring : $2 or $3 - Forever 21
If you're interested in my socks, haha : Originally €3 or so - River Island

Decided to step my blogging game up by posting an OOTD blog! I'm fairly sorry that I don't have a full shot of my pants nor a full shot of my whole outfit , I do not own a tripod which makes taking pictures quite hard for me especially because I take them on my own. Also, the prices with 'originally' or not the prices I got them, I got them for a lower price, possibly because of the sales in Belgium last month. So here you go, I hope you guys enjoyed to taste a bit of my style.

Comment on what kind of style you have!


  1. Thank god I got paid today.. neeeeeeed that jumper!!

    Sarah x

    p.s if you're not too busy, please check out my more recent blog post! x

  2. Go get it! It's super comfy

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