Saturday, 8 March 2014

Cara Delevingne

Last weekend I was scrolling through my Youtube feed when I stumbled upon a Cara Delevingne interview. Of course I knew who she was, everyone does. I clicked on the video and was amazed on how her personality is, on how she dares to express her true self and don't give a frick at all! She inspires so many teenagers over the whole world while she is just a model. Cara isn't just a model, she inspires people by being herself, simple as that. Open any magazine and you're bound to see her face.
 I've been drawing for a long time now but this time I didn't want to draw just anything. I wanted to draw a role model or an inspiration. Cara was hands down mine.  In my mind I had this crazy idea to draw the whole day rather dan hang out with my friends. I worked about at least 8 or 9 hours on this drawing, I'm quite fussy when it comes to drawing, I try to perfect every line I draw with my pencil. Sometimes I might even get a little nervous when I begin on another sense, I really just didn't want to "eff" a single thing up. (excuse my language haha). Her nose was definitely the hardest to draw, I might've changed it up over 20 times.  But all good, it turned out not exactly how I want it too, but I'm still so proud of it! Hope you guys liked reading this as much as I enjoyed drawing Miss Delevingne.

Embrace your weirdness.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Monthly Memories : February

I had one of those days that I didn't know what to blog about. You might notice those days that when you're just sitting in front of your screen with a blank page opened. Decided to make a series 'Monthly Memories'. This is a great way for me to reflect on how each month went by. I'm just going to discuss and tell you guys about all my highlights of each month, most of the time with instagram pictures ( make sure to follow me by the way :) @imarianaly). 

So without further ado, let's start with February! This month has been quite rough for me but it also had a few very great moments and that's all what I really want to care about, ain't nobody got time for bad memories, right? 

So when February began I was thinking about doing a blog for days for in July or so but somehow I managed to make a blog in February anyway haha. I got a little too excited. I have had a great beginning of a 'blog journey' and I was immediately welcomed in this world. I never knew how many people there were with the same interests as me. Once I entered this community I loved it right away. Not much people that know me don't know I own a blog except for two best friends and a few family members, it's kind of a secret of mine haha.

A few weeks ago my aunt called me and asked if I wanted to got to Primark that week. She was literally my angel flying down from heaven for a moment. I've waited so long to go to Primark but never found an opportunity because there's only one Primark to find in Belgium and it is so far away. Not a good one either I've heard. The prices at Primark were freaking surreal!
As you guys may know I wrote a blog post about my huge Primark Haul click here if you want to see what I bought. 

I found myself doodling in class a lot this month, which is not so great for my grades, I finally realized that I actually just missed drawing. I haven't drawn in ages and forgot how much I actually loved it. When I went home and didn't have much homework I just sat myself down and began doodling. Somehow I felt a strong weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I could draw my worries and bad emotions away.

This next subject was quite a big deal for me but turned out to be a very great big deal. For months I've been imagining how I'd look with short hair. I chopped my hair off and I absolutely loved it! I still do. Being terrified was quite an issue when my hair was getting chopped off by my mom, she is not a professional hairdresser. I'm a very critical person on who can touch my hair (for cutting) and who can't. The last time I got my hair chopped off was a complete hell for me. Trusting my mom was a great risc I'd say!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my first blogging series! What is one of your highlights of February? 

Lots of love