Thursday, 27 February 2014

How I Clean My Brushes

As most people know, cleaning your brushes is very important for the health of your skin, it also prevents your face from getting plenty of breakouts. There are many ways to clean them, but most of the methods are very expensive. This is a very cheap way, including stuff that you probably already have laying somewhere in your kitchen. So I thought I'd show you guys how I clean my brushes while I really needed to clean them anyway.
This is a cleaning method that I learnt throughout YouTube, specifically by the beautiful Michelle Phan. So without further ado here are the stuff that I use to clean my brushes :

The reason why I don't use a regular Dreft dishwasher soap is because it dries out the bristles of my brushes more than the Clean & Soft one. Dreft Clean & Soft on the other hand makes them softer , kills all bacteria and makes it harder for the bristles to fall off. The second ingredient that I use is a normal extra virgin olive oil to make sure it doesn't damage the brushes with only Dreft. I use about 3 pumps of the soap and about 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil. You can always add more or less depending on how many brushes you want to clean. I put these both in a small plate.

When all things are added I just take my dirty brush and rub it in my plate. Afterwards I like to clean it all out in the palm of my hand to make sure that they're absolutely clean.

When all the dirt is out , we can rince the soap out of course! Afterwards I simply squeeze the water out with some paper towel , when you see that your paper towel isn't white anymore then that probably means that there is still make-up in your brush. Just rince it out again and you're all set and done.

At last I just laid all of my brushes out to let them dry. I used to lay it on a room heater but I found out that the heat took the color of my brushes away, so I certainly do not recommend to put it on a heater if you do. I just let them dry on a kitchen towel throughout the night. My brushes are from Beauté Basics, they come in a make-up brush roll which comes in very handy when traveling or work.

 Hope this blog post helped any of you in any way! What's your method?


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  5. Lovely post here. I use Johnson's baby shampoo! But the method is very similar.

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