Saturday, 23 August 2014

New Start.

I've been gone for way too long and i totally regret it! I've totally forgotten how much I really loved writing in my room thinking of something other people, and myself as well would be interested in to read. I missed all of the comments and the amount of people who would actually click on my blogs and check them out. The past 6 months I've been so busy with school, planning, drawing, failing, people around me, finding out who I am ( I absolutely still need to figure out myself), traveling etc., etc.. Often I didn't feel like I could write a blog properly because I thought it wasn't good enough, but I've learned that everyone starts from 0! Therefor I decided to not delete this Blogspot account, so I can reflect back from where I started from. *started from the bottom now we here*
So much stuff has been going on lately and I'm so excited to show you some of the little peeks in my life. I'm not going to be able to do beauty as much as I used to as much as I loved to do it but I will do more of the lifestyle kind of blogs and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as my previous blogs. There is no exact schedule for my blogposts yet, but it will definitely be weekly, let's see if I can keep it up right?

Here are some pointers that helped me to start over. :

1. Redecorate your room
 Change your bedsheets, DIY stuff to put in your room, give your walls a makeover. Little things will surely change the whole look of your room.
2. Get rid of negative energy
Friends who don't accept who you are or let you down? Ditch them.
An "unsaveable" bad relationship? Break it up.
Forget these people!
You deserve to be happier and it won't work with these people in your life. Instead, go meet new people. :)
3. Work out
Go the gym and work your negative thoughts off, working out might be a pain in the butt in the beginning but you will feel like you could almost rule the world afterwards. It could be gentle exercises in your own room as well or go biking, besides it gives you a much more healthy lifestyle!

There are so many pointers, if you know one please leave them in the comments below!