Saturday, 8 February 2014

25 Facts About Me

           1. I have quite a lot of obsessions like cookies (specifically Oreo's) , perfume, make-up...

    2. When I first meet new people I can appear quite shy, especially when I have to talk to a whole group of people

3. I'd describe myself as independent because I always find myself enjoying doing things alone. (*Sigh*, that sounded so wrong.) I could spend weeks by myself and it wouldn't even bother me.

4. I sing all the time when I'm alone but would never properly sing in front of ANYONE. And if I do get caught then I would feel very very embarrassed

5. I have depth anxiety and a light form of social anxiety 

6. I would always come too late (Something I'm working on this year. So far so good!) at an appointment with my friends what probably drives them mental

7.I've been wearing glasses since third grade (8 or 9 years old) and I would never take them off except when it's really neseccary 

8.My favorite food are taco's! Hands down. *craving alert* Too bad they don't sell them in Belgium...

9. I could annoy the whole world by telling that I'm cold a thousand times

10. I'm slightly addicted to watching YouTube videos. My favorite YouTubers are Zoella, AndreasChoice and ClothesEncounters

11. My left thumb can make the weirdest movements ever. Which is an advantage because I love to scare people with my thumb. Haha

12. I have Vietnamese roots but was born in the US even though I live in Belgium, I've moved quite a lot

13. Yes, I'm quite a Belieber ;)

14. I once boarded a plane all on my own for the first time when I went to Florida last summer

15. I never scream in roller coasters

16. Forgetting things that I need to do  is definitely my speciality

17. I could wear anything that has a collar on it each and every day! It has even become my signature look

18. When you get to know me you'll notice that I'm quite a weirdo. But weird is good... Right?

19. I'm having a love-hate relationship with Flappy Bird right now...

20. The smell of peanuts makes me want to throw up, just can't stand it anymore. I do like almonds though!

21. Hate wearing earrings. I like ear-coughs a lot though,  even though I don't own any. *feeling slightly stupid*

22. I am the worse at making choices

23. You wouldn't think I'm an unhappy person at all

24. As much as I enjoy sunny days, I still love cosy rainy days too

25.Most of the time I'd say exactly my opinion on something, wether the person likes it or not. I'm not rude but when I have nothing nice to say I usually say nothing at all. :)

Hope you liked this slightly more personal blog post! I thought you guys might want to know me a little bit better since I just joined this blog world. Oh , excuse me for the "oh so high-quality" webcam pictures. 

                 I'd love to hear 25 facts about you as well! 

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